Austin FG K100 6cyl engine cab circa 1965 AUS7

£ 11.00 each Width: 25 mm
Length: 30 mm
Height: 22 mm

Austin FG K100 6cyl engine circa 1965 cab

Supplied as resin cast cab shell and interior with metal steering wheel, vac glazing and badges.

Can be combined with our chassis', wheels and bodies or as a replacement cab for diecast models.

To make the model pictured requires the following:

Beavertail: Cab: AUS7 Chassis: CH5 Wheelset: W3 Body: B11 (will require to be shortened and adjusted to make the beavertail).

PO Telephones: Cab AUS7, Chassis CH5, Scratchbuilt body. Wheels W3, Transfers TFR65