1950 Austin K4 1200 gallon three compartment National Benzole tanker KIT7

£ 32.00 each Width: 1 mm
Length: 6 mm
Height: 1 mm

Supplied with AUS1 Austin K4 cab; CH5 chassis; Special tanker casting; W3 wheels; TFR17a NB transfer set.


This kit is representative of a batch of Austin K4 1200 gallon tankers that entered service in 1950 with National Benzole for filling station deliveries. An example, restored in 2002, was fleet no. 2227, registration no. KXY 774. An official NB photograph shows a similar vehicle when new as fleet no.2209, registration KXY 747, so it can be assumed that the complete batch amounted to 20-30 identical models. This was when most filling stations were privately owned with a variety of different company fuels on offer, or village repair shops with just one pump (often hand cranked one gallon at a time) outside. How times have changed!