Fordson WOT1a with General Service Body Complete Kit 1940-45 KIT5

£ 30.00 each Width: 30 mm
Length: 100 mm
Height: 25 mm


The Ford WOT 1 3 ton 6x4 were built from 1940 up until the end of the war in 1945 to a War Office design and requirement. They were a modification on the smaller Ford WOT 3 30cwt utilizing the same cab but a longer chassis similar to its predecessor the Fordson Sussex. From the first contract a very small number were issued to the army all the rest up until the last contract were for the Royal Airforce where the chassis was utilised for a number of roles and different bodies. Apart from the cargo/general service versions the WOT 1 were used for barrage balloon winch, power generators, parachute drying and storage, dental vehicles, heavy ambulance, fire trucks, aircraft crew bus, runway flood lights, signals, office, and photographic tenders amongst its many roles. Following the end of World War Two many of these 6x4 vehicles were purchased for post war civilian employment from the large surplus sales held in the late 1940s many still to be seen on the roads well into the 1950s. Perhaps the longest serving WOT 1 were those retained by the Royal Airforce after the war some still in operational roles around 1960.

KIT5 provides all the parts required (cab, chassis, body, wheels and axles) to build the WOT1a with GS body. 

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