British Railways Ford 4D ET7 Two Ton Parcels Van Complete Kit with Waterslide Transfers KIT 13

£ 34.00 each Width: 30 mm
Length: 95 mm
Height: 43 mm

These vehicles were supplied to all BR Regions from approximately 1949 at the introduction of the ET6 (V8 petrol engine) and then the ET7 (4 cyl diesel engine) on which this model is based until the end of production in 1957.

This kit comes complete with the following parts and full build and paint instructions, sufficicent to make the complete British Railways Parcels vehicle  as illustrated:

FOR1a resin cast cab:

CH5 resin cast 4 wheel chassis:

B34 resin cast body shell;

W15 white metal wheel sets;

TFR26 British Railways waterslide transfers.




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