Foden S40 Motor Panels Steel Cab 1968-73 FOD13

£ 10.00 each Width: 31 mm
Length: 27 mm
Height: 31 mm

Foden S40 Motor Panels Cab

Supplied as resin cast cab shell, interior and fuel tank with metal steering wheel, etch Foden name badge and kite logo.

Cab can be combined with chassis, bodies, wheels, trailers, transfers and accessories from the Road Transport Images range to make the model you desire.

The models pictured utilise the following parts:

Hoveringham tipper: FOD13 cab, CH7 chassis, B25 body, 2xW5 wheelsets, TFR58 transfers

Scottish Plant Hirers low loader: FOD13 cab, CH2 chassis, 2xW5 wheelsets, T14 trailer, TFR123 transfers. The model demonstrates the use of a number of accessories from our range to finish off. Exhaust, fifth wheel plate and air tanks from CA3, large sidelamps (CA9) for the rooflights and 7" headlamps (CA7) for under the bumper.