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Scale Model Lorry Kits

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New models listed for New Year (see Cabs List)

ARR1 Arran Dieselet 1934 cab
This is one of Bob’s occasional ‘surprises’. Those of ‘a certain age’ will recall the immediate post war Dinky Toys 25 series lorry. They first made this in 1937,stopped during the war but resuming in late 1945 and continuing to 1951, by which time the front mudguards had been lowered at the front to include a bumper, which modernised it somewhat. Nobody that I knew, had any idea what it was meant to be – some suggested early Commer, I thought it similar to Internationals’ that my Dad drove on occasions, but the International grille bars were horizontal not vertical. Enter Bob a few months ago who turned up an very old copy of Model Collector, which feature a whole page by the then Editor who had been given a number of pre-war Commercial Motor magazines in which he found in an edition dated 11 May 1934, a full feature headed ‘A New Light 3 ton Oiler’ (the early name for a diesel). He suggested that this in fact is what the Dinky series 25 was based on, which we felt was a dead ringer and agreeing with his view that the only difference were the skirts to the rear of the original, but missing from the Dinky model.
I contacted Commercial Motor archive dept. and purchased a full copy of the feature. This went on to describe the Arran Dieselet 3 ton chassis just put in production by Arran Motors of Welwyn Garden City, at £555 complete, with a legal speed of 30mph and capable of 55 mph. A full specification is provided with the radiator grille described as a stoneguard, to quote: ‘what may be termed the private-car type, well sloped at the rear.’ Certainly correct for the Dinky Toys model. By further research Bob found photographic evidence that a forward control model was later available (with similar radiator), but the firm ceased trading in 1937 – when Dinky introduced the series 25. Was this because no copyright would have been infringed? Did they cease trading because of price, £555 against £345 for a petrol WT, and the suspicion of light diesels at that time? Who knows. Our cab will fit CH4 chassis and B11a small platform; B23 Dropside and B43 tilt bodies without alteration.

FOD8 Foden Alpha "next generation" 2002 day cab; FOR8 Ford Thames 400E 1957 open truck; LEY2a Leyland T45 high datum/Scammell S26 1980 sleeper cab; LEY16 Leyland Sherpa 13-22cwt 1976 van; LEY17 Leyland Ergomatic II 1976 cab; SCN1 Sentinel DV 1946 cab with nickel silver etched radiator grille
B43 Military 3 ton tilt GS body; B46 Modern style 20,000 litre tanker body
CH5a Generic 4x2 military 3 ton chassis for use with W26 military wheels
TFR35b County Motors recovery has changed from blue to gold lettering with black outline

The cabs below will transfer to the Archive list on the next (Spring) list. By now to save £2 on each cab:
AEC1 AEC MkIII tin front 1954 cab; ATK1 Atkinson bow front 1953 cab; FOD7 Foden OG 1937-51 cab; LEY7 Leyland Comet short door LAD 1958 cab; LEY11 Leyland freighter/cruiser 1981 cab; LEY12 Leyland 12/IB interim Beaver 1946 cab; SCN1 Scania 111 series 1974 day cab; THO1 Thornycroft Trusty NR6 1947 cab


Transport modellers!

Welcome to Road Transport Images.

We produce the largest range available of British Commercial vehicles in 4mm/1:76th scale models from a 1932 Bedford WG up to a 2007 DAF CF, with over 120 cabs introduced since 2003 plus various chassis', bodies and accessories to model the complete vehicle of your choice.

We issue a new price list with new products every 3 months in January, April, July and October, and with each new list we offer a special kit deal that provides a considerable overall saving as opposed to buying the individual modules. This saving is usually between £6-£8 and is a good way of introducing yourself to our product range.

Our large and diverse range of 4mm / OO  / 1:76 scale model trucks uses a modular building system which makes assembly as simple as possible, requiring a minimum number of components. All of the cabs consist of two parts: complete cab shell and interior, plus steering wheel and appropriate style fuel tank for the cab type. Chassis are also two parts: chassis rails and rear mudguards, plus underside transmission, including axle beams and dif. to hold the axles in place. A range of white metal wheels is available to suit all cab types.

The range currently includes over 60 cabs from 1932 onwards, 10 chassis to suit all applications, a diverse range of bodies, trailers and unsheeted loads, as well as 23 wheel profiles and a selection of accessories. We have 11 modelling information sheets to help transport modellers add further fine detailing, much of which is included in the illustrations provided and which transforms a model into an authentic replica of the real thing. Our latest addition is display models for sale.

For more information and greater details about the range, it really is better for us to send you hard copy for you to read at your leisure. Please send a DL or A5 size SAE to: 17 Foxdene Road, Seasalter, Whitstable, Kent CT5 4QY.

SHIPPING CHARGES; Please ADD the following for Post and Packaging charges:-

UK & N.I. complete order + £3.50
Europe + £4.50
Worldwide  £8.00
(Transfers only £3.00)

Please note that the official order form MUST be used, send one copy only as a photocopy will be returned with a self-carbonising order form for subsequent orders. Orders in letter form cannot be accepted. Otherwise please use our online shop.

 Cabs represent those manufactured by

AEC, Albion, Atkinson, Austin, Bedford, BMC, Bristol, Commer, DAF, Dennis, Dodge, ERF, Foden, Ford, and Fordson, Guy, Iveco, Karrier, Leyland, MAN, Maudsley, Morris, Scammell, Scania, Seddon, Sentinel, Thornyoft, Volvo and Vulcan 

Autumn 2013

 RTI at exhibitions 

22/23rd Nov 2013    Warley Model Railway exhibition                 NEC, Birmingham, B40 1NT

Cabs moved from current cab list to archive list
Due to very slow sales and to allow space for new additions for Spring/Summer, the following items have been transferred to the archive list:
BED16; BL1; DAF3; ERF4; FOR7; IVE3; LEY2.

 Modeller's Gallery
´╗┐´╗┐Gary Knight, who kindly controls the stewardship of this site, will be pleased to accept images of any completed models that you wish to display with either brief or full details. The only stipulation – it must have at least 50% RTI content. He can be emailed at
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . He will also accept hard copy photographs with explanations in the post and from recent bitter experience, do not try and attach more than a couple of images to an email. It is better to send multiple images on a disc. Please visit the ‘Modeller’s Gallery’ on the RTI website if you are able to do so. Postal Address: 71 Roche Road, Bugle, Cornwall. PL26 8PP.





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